June 30, 2009

Think Your Drink and Save!

As the summer heat rolls in, it is very important to drink enough fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated. Buying bottled drinks may quench your thirst, but leave you empty pocketed and may pose a risk to your waistline and the environment.

Save money!
Invest in an eco-friendly reusable water bottle. Bottled beverages can become a large expense quickly! If you were to buy a bottle of water, soda, tea or other beverage everyday for a year, you would spend almost $550!

Did you know that when you buy a bottle of water you are actually paying mostly for the bottle, lid and label? Only 10% of what you pay is for the water itself!

Reusable bottles can be purchased at grocery stores, department stores and sport/outdoor stores. Prices will vary based on the materials used to make the bottle and the size of the bottle. Some eco-friendly bottles to consider are bottles made from stainless steel or recycled plastic. Fill your bottle before you leave your house to avoid costly stops at convenience stores!

Save the earth!
Studies suggest that only 10% of plastic bottles that are created are recycled. This means that the majority of plastic bottles are either being burned or sent to our landfills. Plastic can release harmful chemicals into the air when burned. Landfills are reaching maximum fill capacity, as we continue to deposit plastic bottles and other recyclables into the landfill. About 11% of the landfill content is made up of plastic bottles. Scientists think that is takes hundreds of years for plastic to break down all the way.

Plastic and other trash is being dumped into the ocean in some areas, because landfills have been forced to close as they cannot hold any other waste. Plastic in the ocean causes many fish and sea creatures to die. This also causes beaches to become polluted. Recycling can help to save energy, money and the environment! For more information on kicking the bottled water habit check out

Save your waistline!
Bottled drinks such as juice and soda can have nearly 300 calories per bottle. So if you are looking to control your weight or even lose a little, think about what you drink. One recently published study suggests that liquid calories, particularly from sugar-sweetened beverages, may have a bigger impact on weight than calories from food. Researchers discovered that drinking just one fewer soft drink or sugary beverage a day was associated with significant weight loss in a 6 month period. The findings of this study really support the fact that cutting sugary drinks is a very easy and simple way to help you lose weight or avoid additional weight gain. Choose sugar free or unsweetened beverages such as water, unsweetened tea, or a powdered drink mix like Crystal Light or Wyler’s to cut back on calories.

For information on buying healthy beverages check out this publication from the Centers for Disease Control.

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