April 23, 2011

What will You be doing 10 years from Now?

A planning process that will shape Extension programs in Florida for the next decade has begun.

This is a joint effort between the University of Florida (UF) and the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) that will allow us to have a clear path of action as an educational organization. Our goal is to create a strategic plan that will support Florida's economy, environment, and people. We want it to be relevant today and flexible enough to meet the needs of Florida's communities as they change.
Listening is at the core of Extension's long range planning effort. One way we can hear your ideas is by having you take a survey.

So please spend your next 10 minutes completing this survey. When you are done, take a minute more and share this blog with others who may be interested in contributing ideas about the future of Extension.

Mary Campbell
County Extension Director
UF/IFAS Pinellas County Extension

April 18, 2011

4-H Volunteers

Jean Rogalsky, 4-H Youth Development Agent, Pinellas County Extension
April is National Volunteer Month. 4-H programs throughout the country recognize the importance of their volunteers. It is through our volunteers that we can maintain a high level of program quality and continue to meet the needs of our communities.

There are many types of 4-H volunteers. The 4-H club leader is the one most often thought of, but there are other 4-H volunteer opportunities. Let’s look at some of the volunteer role descriptions:

April 14, 2011

Community Water-Wise Awards

It may be hard to believe, but you can save water and still maintain a beautiful landscape. By incorporating some Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ strategies, you can save significant money on your water bill and make your property the envy of everyone, even during the dry season! By using less fertilizer and pesticides and minimizing stormwater runoff, you'll also do your part to help protect the environment.
Tampa Bay Water, its Member Governments and the UF IFAS Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program are sponsoring the 13th Annual Community Water-Wise Awards.

Water-wise yards using Florida-friendly landscaping™ do more than just save water. Following are the top five reasons you should incorporate a Florida-friendly landscape: