January 8, 2013

We have Solutions for YOU

Ramona Madhosingh-Hector,
Urban Sustainability Agent

Did you make your New Year’s resolution? Are you on your way to a great start? No matter your goal, Pinellas County Extension can help you accomplish it. We offer a range of information on healthy living, family finances, nutrition, and youth development. And, Pinellas County Extension offices are closer than you think – we are located in mid-county at 12520 Ulmerton Road with satellite offices at Weedon Island Preserve and Brooker Creek Preserve. Each of our outstanding facilities offers traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities.
If your goal is to get fit this year, join us for regular Saturday morning hikes at Weedon Island and Brooker Creek Preserve. These facilities also offer special guided hikes for bird enthusiasts and photographers. The Extension Office in Largo offers guided garden tours once a week and each facility has boardwalks, walking trails, and amenities to help you stay on track.

If you set your sights on eating healthier, our Family Consumer Science expert can provide you with healthy eating tips and new recipes that will encourage you to try out new foods. Pinellas County Extension also provides information about farmers’ markets and home gardens so that you can eat healthier from start to finish!

If you pledged to become more eco-conscious in 2013, sign up for classes in energy efficiency, rain harvesting, or composting. Most of our classes are free and open to public - saving the environment couldn’t be easier and you will pocket the savings!

If you are looking for educational opportunities for you and your family, each of our locations provides ongoing learning through hands-on classroom activities or week-long training sessions. Salty Topics, Going Coastal, Nature in the Classroom, and Brooker Creek Explorers offer programming for young and old alike on the marine and natural environment in Pinellas County. Our Master Volunteer programs provide more in-depth knowledge and training in specific areas. You can become a Master Gardener, Master Money Mentor , or a Sustainable Floridian!

Solutions for Your Life is a mouse-click away when you visit We look forward to serving you in 2013!

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