February 6, 2009

Time Marches On!

Pinellas County Extension offers residents a wide variety of classes to help them make sustainable decisions. Be sure to check out our lunch break on-line classes, Solutions in 30.

The classes being offered in March are:

Solutions in 30:
March 4th - Bully No More! Webinar
March 11th - Parenting Tips for the Teen Years – Part 1 Webinar
March 18th - Parenting Tips for the Teen Years – Part 2 Webinar
March 25th - Making the Most of Youth Activities Webinar

Pesticide CEUs:
March 4th - Integrated Pest Management
March 11th – Aquatic Update
March 13th - Pesticide License Training and Testing

Families and Consumers:
March 14th – Get Cooking Demonstration: Delicious Squash Shines in Summer & Winter
March 28th – Get Cooking Demonstration: Meet Spinach: The Green Nutritional Powerhouse

Lawn and Garden:
March 5th - Florida Style Gardening: Landscape Management
March 11th - Pruning Basics and Benefits

4-H Youth:
March 14th – Family Fun Learning: Lady Bug, Lady Bug
March 26th - Sharks

Sustainable Living:
March 4th - Green Home Webinar
March 17th – Green Purchasing Webinar
March 19th – Lighting Your way the Energy Efficiency Webinar

You can register for classes on-line at Please look for the “Online Class Registration” button on the right hand side near the top of the page.

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