March 25, 2008

Spring Break: Ideas for Family Fun

By Patti Neary,
Pinellas County Families & Consumers Program, Educational Instructor

FishingThe kids are on Spring break and the weather is gorgeous! NO, it’s not time for spring cleaning; it’s time for some family, friendly fun! Saving money and gas is on everyone’s mind these days, so why not give your child the pleasure of your company and choose activities you can do together that won’t hurt the pocket book!!! We are surrounded by many beautiful parks and beaches so get out and explore. Your mini-vacation awaits you..!

You can refer to the Pinellas County Parks location guide:

Remember, the best reward your child can receive and the best gift you can give your child is spending time together having fun. So pack your backpack, and head out for a day of fun!! Here are some ideas to get you started.
  • Walking: Use pedometers and count steps, allow child to participate in planning. Don’t forget the healthy snacks and water!!!!
  • Hiking in the woods: Bring along insect identification book and a picnic basket lunch!

  • Outdoor camping: Pitch a tent in the backyard, cook dinner or breakfast on the grill, make s’mores, and watch the stars.
  • Picnic
  • Old fashion picnic in the park: Pack up the blanket and picnic basket, play old fashioned games like horse shoes, badminton or croquet.

  • Litter patrol: Inexpensive plastic gloves are fun to wear for kids, large plastic bags; visit parks, beaches or roads and pick up litter.

  • Visit area farms: Pick your own fruit or vegetables, or whatever is in season. Take them home and cook what you picked for dinner.

  • Plant a garden: Dig, shovel, plant flowers or vegetables or a butterfly garden.

  • Get out and be active: Toss a football, throw a Frisbee, play catch, have a hula hoop contest or fly a kite.

  • Go bowling: Ask about bumper bowling for young ones.

  • Cooking with your child: Plan a special dinner for someone and let your child participate in the planning and preparation. Learning to cook helps children in so many ways. They learn about health and nutrition, they are more apt to eat what they make and it helps boost their self esteem. If you are interested in our family cooking classes check out the flyer at this link on our website:

  • BikingNature Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of nature things to find at a park or beach.

  • Bike riding as a family: Wear helmets and appropriate clothing, and ride the Pinellas County Trail:

  • Bird Watching: Buy an inexpensive camera, bring along binoculars, visit a park and take pictures of birds, or each other. Create memories of the special day!

  • Play Board Games: Buy a board game, go to a park, find a picnic table, play and enjoy time together!!!

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