February 15, 2008

4-H is Looking for Teens!

By Beth Tobias, 4-H Extension Agent

In case you did not already know, volunteering as a young person has proven to benefit your life in a variety of ways. It not only builds valuable work skills, these experiences also offer leadership opportunities and is a great way to meet new friends. You can check out other benefits at Youth Service California,

4-H youth volunteers Eric and Matt

Now that you know all that, how can you possibly turn down this exciting invitation? 4-H has many ways to get involved beyond your club. They include being part of the Tech or Healthy Living Team, or serving on one of the various boards such as 4-H Foundation, Community Grants Board, or 4-H Advisory.

You can log onto the 4-H site for more details on any of the opportunities. So grab a friend and get involved, make a difference!

4- H website:

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